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In order to give our clients the finest service and work, we adhere to extremely transparent policies:

After 12 hours from the time the order was placed, it cannot be cancelled. when the team has started working or when the customer and team have begun communicating.

For the services that our marketing team has provided to the consumers on special occasions like New Year’s, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, or any other national holidays, etc., no cancellations will be accepted.

Once the consumer has paid, there is no way to get their money back; instead, they may only use it as a credit for future orders placed within 120 days.

Any customer complaints regarding projects won’t be taken into consideration if they involve any third-party services or software, such as hosting, domain, server, email, photos, videos, plugins, etc. And the consumer would be responsible for paying an additional price to have these problems fixed by RinoLogix.

Bring the issue to the attention of our support team or sales team within 24 hours of obtaining the services, and we will take the necessary action if you have not received the precise services that were promised or depicted on the website.


By choosing to use our services and products, you agree to abide by the rules established by our company and our sector. As a result, RinoLogix does not offer a money-back guarantee. Within 24 hours after choosing, you must contact the relevant customer care if you are dissatisfied with any product or service offered by our team. We will thoroughly investigate your problem and then proceed in the most appropriate manner.

After assessing the performance and results of the current and prior period, we provide our clients an appropriate approach to pay for the following month’s services in accordance with the industry and business composition and structure. We, or any other company in the field, cannot promise any specific ranking, traffic, or sales due to the nature of the industry. When you pay for the following month, it indicates that you are happy and satisfied with the service we have provided to you thus far.